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4Strokes.com - Dirt Bikes, ATVs and Dual Sport Motorcycles

Welcome to 4Strokes.com! 4Strokes.com is a Website for enthusiasts of four-stroke dirt bikes, ATVs and dual sport motorcycles. 4Strokes.com is more technically oriented and features lots of information on the more popular four-strokes. Sections include: four-stroke related Articles; model specific Forums; Image and Video galleries with comments and ratings; an extremely popular Games section also with comments and ratings; real world reviews on Sponsors' products; newly added Ride Info with rider map, photos, riding area links, etc; arguably the world's largest and most informative model specific Technical section with how-to articles; and from time to time we also have Contests. 4Strokes.com is updated daily so be sure to bookmark and visit often!

New Features

We are in the process of implementing social network features to the Comment sections of our Games, Images and Videos. You will be able to comment on a game, member photo or video using your social network account. If you stay logged in on your social network page, you will also be logged in when visiting 4Strokes.com so you can automatically comment using your social network account. Our website Comment fields will remain intact so you are welcome to use them as well.

Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) Press Releases

Youth ATVs & Dirt-bikes Exempt from Lead Provisions - Senate joins House in passing bill to exempt youth ATVs and dirtbikes from the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) Lead Content Provisions. Youth ATV & Dirt-bike Ban Lifted - Youth ATVs and dirtbikes are categorically excluded from Lead Content Limits.

New Forum Category

Moto Related Events & Announcements - We will be posting press releases and info on Moto related racing and riding events and announcements. Listing format is: Location, Date(s), and event. You can bookmark the category and check back frequently or be notified automatically by Registering for our Forums (if not already a member) and clicking " Subscribe to this forum" on the top of the category. If you are promoting a Moto related racing or riding event or have an announcement and would like it to be considered for listing, you may submit it for approval Here.

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