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 How fast does an XR250R go?
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Honda Maniac
San Bernardino, CA

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Topic started on 04/13/2004 at 4:36:28 PM  Member Profile
Since this is the XR/XL section, I'm assuming most everyone in this section is an XR/XL enthusiast. Does anyone know how fast an XR250R can go? Thanks.

1980 XL250S
1983 XL100S
2004 piece of junk 125 replica

Hazleton, PA

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Posted on 04/13/2004 at 4:47:15 PM  Member Profile
I don't actually know about the xr250 but my stock xr200 tachs out at 50mph and my modified xr400 has gotten to 75mph without having it tached out according to my trailtech computer so i'm assuming somwhere in between sorry i dont have a accurate reading but i hope this helps.


Mystic, CT

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Posted on 04/14/2004 at 08:20:12 AM  Member Profile  Send tsd345 an AOL message  Send tsd345 a Yahoo! Message
I have gone 68 on my 250 based on my trailtech. I could go faster, because I've never wound it all the way out, but I only ride it in the woods and to work, so I don't want to get pinched going 70 in a 25......

'03 XR250R - WB e-Series, Twin Air, DBG Fender Bag, Moose handguards /plastic, BD Dual Sport

pure honda
Theresa, NY

pure honda's Avatar

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Posted on 04/16/2004 at 05:39:24 AM  Member Profile
i would say in the 70 - 80 mph zone becouse i have a 99 xr200 and i smoked i piped out blaster that does 64. we followed it with our car.(that was on the road)


pogojack77 has no Avatar

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Posted on 04/20/2004 at 07:52:55 AM  Member Profile  Send pogojack77 an AOL message
i got mine up to 75 on a big strech of country road and i could sill feel it gaining speed! it took a lil while to get up there butt it did it!!!!!


Hondas Rock

Hondas Rock's Avatar

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Posted on 04/20/2004 at 6:29:05 PM  Member Profile  Click to see Hondas Rock's MSN Messenger address
I had mine(stock) up to 75 give or take 3. clocked by my dad on his 74 XL350. there might be a diffrance in top speed between the "L" and the "R" versions. mine is a "R"

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86 TRX200SX
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(and those are just my toys, should see my dads list!)
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