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 CRF100F Mods/Jetting
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04 CRF100F

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Topic started on 05/06/2004 at 2:39:02 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
My son has an '04 CRF100F and we ride at 5,300 ft elevation. Stock it was OK, but in riding it myself, it felt quite weak. It wouldn't even pull up the front tire on 1-2 power shifts. We put over 350 miles on it before beginning any mods.

I decided to apply some standard hop ups so I drilled a 1" diameter hole in the air filter cover (located behind the number plate), installed a Uni filter and removed the exhaust silencer. (BTW, I have a ThrottleUp on order so we can have a free flowing spark arrestor.) As expected, with no other changes, the bike ran like a sewer pickle. I had to go out from about 1 turn on the fuel screw to about 3.5+ turns to get an OK idle. Then, there was a major off idle bog and the bike had a bad lean miss at WOT and high rpm. All of this is reasonable if mods caused a significant increase in air flow. Stock jets were 35/98.

I installed a 102 main jet and all is MUCH improved. There is no lean miss at WOT and high rpm and the bike feels much stronger it will easily lift the front tire on 1-2 shifts, almost on 2-3 shifts. With the fuel screw set at 3+ turns out, the off-idle bog is nearly completely gone. I have a 38 slow jet on order and the bike feels like it can use an even larger main. Haven't played with the needle setting, but that may help the part throttle some. For reference, a 102 main jet corresponds to approximately a 107 at sea level and a 38 slow jet corresponds to roughly a 43 at sea level. If I go to a 105 main jet, that would correspond to roughly a 111 at sea level.

What jet combos have others settled on with similar mods? And at what elevation? Come on, some one must have been down this road. Thanks in advance!

04 CRF100F

skipn8r has no Avatar

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Posted on 05/07/2004 at 1:17:38 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
Follow up: I tried the 105 main jet with the stock 35 slow jet. It appeared to be too rich. Not enough to generate black smoke, but it began to slightly "burble" at WOT. Went back to 102 MJ and it's feeling pretty good. BTW, fuel screw is still approx. 3+ turns out for best response and idle. New 38 slow jet is in at the dealer and I'll update when installed. Throttleup should arrive today for this weekend. Later.

04 CRF100F

skipn8r has no Avatar

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Posted on 06/09/2004 at 08:28:06 AM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
Put in the 38 slow jet and the bike runs very well now with about 1.5 turns out on the mixture screw. Equivalent jetting for sea level would be 42/108. We ran it on the dyno and at both idle and WOT, the jetting was spot on. At part throttle cruise, it was rich so I need to drop the needle from the stock position. Total mods:

Uni filter
1" hole in filter cover
Denso Iridium plug
ThrottleUp exhaust tip
38/102 jetting

CRF250X, CRF100F

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Posted on 06/21/2004 at 6:16:18 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
Can you give me the pn. of that 38 slow jet. My sons bike is '04 crf100. My local honda dealer has no clue what to order.

I tried the 40 but the bike is pig rich and fouling plugs. BTW, I am at sea level, I can't imagine a 42 slow jet.

'04 CRF250x
'04 CRF100f

RB Racing

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Posted on 06/21/2004 at 7:14:55 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
Where did you find a 102 jet all I can get from Honda is a 100 or 105.
What did it dyno at?

2002 XR80R - FMF exhaust, Moose shift lever, and 95cc big bore kit coming soon.
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