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 jetting drz400s 3x3 airbox mod help???
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04 DRZ400S

joshkins has no Avatar

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Topic started on 05/23/2004 at 1:43:12 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
ok i have posted my bogging problem and got good feed back hopefully same on this one.. my bog problem has been solved by installing the dyno jet stage one kit with matt nelson recommended jetting but im am getting a pinging sound if i load the engine and open throttle all the way sound like detonation?? plug is white to light tan color but no flecks of metal on it here is my jet sizes. cut a 3x3 hole in airbox main jet is 140 pilot jet is 25 and clip on needle is 4th clip from top im thinking i should lower the clip one notch to 5th but not sure anyone here have suggestions afraid of running too lean and screwing it up ?? also just so people know the bog is gone and the bike really pulls alot harder than stock just need to sort out jetting alittle??

El Centro, CA

XR4DEZ has no Avatar

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Posted on 05/23/2004 at 5:58:10 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
Try kientech.com, Jesse is the best on anything DR or DRZ, he'll give you the sizes you need and you'll make a new friend.


Ocala, FL

tomass's Avatar

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Posted on 05/24/2004 at 12:51:26 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
It sounds like you followed Matt Nelsons suggestions to a Tee, except with your main jet. He suggests you stick with the stock 142.5 jet and leave the Dynojet jets alone. I think you'll see even more improvement in it's performance. Also, leave needle clip on 4th notch.

Just in case you don't already know this, you don't have to remove the carb to change the jet. Just remove the cables from it, loosen the clamps, and remove the bolts holding that black, platic oil thing on the right side of you bike and the carb will rotate enough for you to get at the jet.

02 DRZ400S

04 DRZ400S

joshkins has no Avatar

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Posted on 05/24/2004 at 6:24:19 PM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
actually matt nelsons article says a 140 mj for stock or modified stock end pipe and the 142.5 stock jet for aftermarket exhuast systems. that is my puzzlement anyway i went to the stock 142.5 main jet and the 25 pilot 3 turns out from seat on air screw and 4th clip from top on needle with dj needle and spring big change bike really pulls hard no bog but if you run regular gas 87 octane i get alittle ping so im useing super from know on. just going over all the details because i always forget something??? elevation is 0-2000ft where im at here in port angeles wash... i really feel that suzuki should of fine tuned out the carb alittle better than they did stock...

ive owned a few other bikes over the years and this one seemed to me to need the most carb help outa the box than the others ive had. but, its rippin now!! thanks too all for the help.


baudhuin has no Avatar

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Posted on 06/12/2009 at 05:47:21 AM  Member Profile  Reply with Quote
Just wondering if you guys noticed that the Mikuni 25 pilot jet actually looks like it has a smaller diameter than the 22.5? Initially I couldn't believe it, and checked and rechecked the jets to make sure I had them right. Bike runs great, but I'm shocked at the difference in appearance. Any ideas? Look at the two side-by-side at you'll see.

2006 DRZ400S
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