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PDF - How To Set Up a Disc Type Exhaust System Disc Type Exhaust System Setup - Intended for 85-87 & 91-98 XR600R and 93-98 XR650L with a WB E-series exhaust system. May be helpful for other disc systems too. By White Bros

DIY Dual Sport KitDual Sport Setup - Turn your dirt bike into a dual sport motorcycle yourself with all store bought parts. By Stu

Exhaust Noise Test DataPDF - Exhaust Noise Test Data Exhaust Noise Test Data (101KB PDF) - Exhaust dB levels for Honda dirt bikes with various aftermarket exhaust systems. Go to CA St Parks OHMV Rec Div Website for latest edition. By John Franger

DIY Ignition SwitchKeyed Ignition Switch Install (Forums) - Install a keyed ignition switch on a dirt bike that did not already have one. Topic by b_king

Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels of MotorcyclesPDF - Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels of Motorcycles Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels (40K PDF) - SAE Standard test procedure, environment and instruments for determining sound levels. By SAE

Rear Fender BagRear Fender Bag - An inexpensive do-it-yourself rear fender bag for dirt bikes without a luggage rack. By Jlutty650L

Side Panel SkidsSide Panel Skids - Teflon rods cut in half and attached to side panels/number plates make great skids. By motomonte

XR/XL Spring Rates per Rider's Weight Spring Rate Per Rider Weight - Is your XR or XL fork and shock sprung correctly for your weight and riding style? It makes all the difference in the world!


XR650L ('93) Wiring DiagramImage - 2005 CRF450X Wiring Diagram CRF450X Wiring Diagram, 2005 Model Year (60K GIF)


Cheap XR100R ModsXR100R Cheap Mods - After reading 4Strokes.com, I decided to volunteer mods I did on my 6yr old son's '00 XR100R. Cost was about $10 just for carb jets. By Greg Kipp


Stuart's XR200 Hop-Up's!XR200 Mods by Stuart - I just bought a 1983 XR200 as a 2nd bike and did these mods to increase performance. By Stuart Watson


XR200R 84-85 On CDI Testing Table XR200R 84-85 On CDI Test Table XR200R CDI Testing Table, 1984/1985 and On Models by Jared (Jayrod1318)

XR200R 84-85 CDI Wiring Color Code XR200R 1984-1985 CDI Wiring Color Code XR200R CDI Wiring Color Codes, 1984/1985 and On Models by Jared (Jayrod1318)

XR200R Front Suspension Mods - Here is what I did to get the best performing dampening rod-type forks that I have ever had. By NOS

Installing Lights on the XR200RXR200R Light Installation - Install an aftermarket headlight and taillight on the XR200R that did not come with lights. By 4Strokes.com

Wally's XR200R Hop-Ups!XR200R Mods by Wally - The most impressive mod I did to my 1990 XR200R was adapting a Kawi KX front-end. By Wally King

84 XR200R Wiring Diagram 84 XR200R Wiring Diagram XR200R Wiring Diagram, 1984 Model by Jared (Jayrod1318)


XR250RModifying the XR250LXR250L Mods - Have you noticed how heavy the XR250L is in stock trim or its lack of acceleration? By Rick Ramsey

XR250L Tips & Tricks - This article is based on the Australian model 1997 XR250L but may also be beneficial for other XRs. By Daniel Stebbeings

XR250L Wiring DiagramXR250L Wiring Diagram XR250L Wiring Diagram, 1991-1996 Models - Page 1 (57K GIF), Page 2 (46K GIF). Submitted by Ian (marshman)


XR250R 84-85 On CDI Testing Table XR250R 84-85 On CDI Test Table XR250R CDI Testing Table, 1984/1985 and On Models (72K GIF) by Jared (Jayrod1318)

XR250R 84-85 CDI Wiring Color Code XR250R 1984-1985 CDI Wiring Color Code XR250R CDI Wiring Color Codes, 1984-1985 and On Models (90K GIF) by Jared (Jayrod1318)

XR250R Exhaust ModXR250R Exhaust Mod - Wedge a screwdriver in the hole in the end-cap where the screw was. By Stuart Moss

Make Your Own XR250R Lowering LinkXR250R Lowering Link, Make Your Own (Forums) - Complete dimensions to make your own XR250R lowering link. By Stu

XR250R 84 Wiring Diagram XR250R 1984 Wiring Diagram XR250R Wiring Diagram, 1984 Model (72K GIF) by Jared (Jayrod1318)

96-99 XR250R Wiring DiagramImage - 96-99 XR250R Wiring Diagram XR250R Wiring Diagram, 1996-1999 Models (78K GIF) by Brian Sutherland


85 XR350R Wiring Diagram85 XR350R Wiring Schematic XR350R Wiring Diagram, 1985 Model (96K GIF) by Chris/Catuk


XR400R Airbox ModXR400R Airbox Mod - I noticed a much crisper throttle response and the engine seemed to rev faster than before. By ThumperTDC
XR400R Continued
Intake Air-Box Snorkel RemovalXR400R Intake Airbox Snorkel Removal - Uncork your XR400R by yanking the airbox snorkel/baffle for newfound power! By 4Strokes.com

XR400R Brake LightXR400R Brake Light - Add an aftermarket brake light to your XR400R. Two submissions.

Carburetor Adjustments & TuningXR400R Carb Adjustments & Tuning (36mm Keihin) - As delivered, with exhaust baffle and noise suppressor, your XR400R may be jetted rich. By 4Strokes.com

Fit a CRF450R/X clutch perch to an XR400RXR400R Clutch Perch Upgrade - Adapt a CRF450 clutch with perch hot start lever to your XR400R. By Brad Poulter

Decompression System AdjustmentXR400R Decompression System Adjustment - Automatic decompression is interlocked with the XR400R cam to make starting easier. By 4Strokes.com

XR400R Engine Oil Checking & ChangingXR400R Engine Oil Checking & Changing - How to check and how to change engine oil in the XR400R.

Pictures of XR400R Engine WorkXR400R Engine Work Photos - Pictures taken during the rebuild of an XR400R motor. By ThumperTDC

XR400R Muffler ComparisonXR400R Exhaust System Comparison - HP and Torque for stock and aftermarket XR400R exhausts. By Jack Jensen

XR400R Fork Valve-Stack Compression ModXR400R Fork Valve Stack Mod (Forums) - High speed compression, like when riding over rocks, was much improved. By Trailryder42

USD Fork on XR400RXR400R Front End Mod to USD Forks - Complete inverted fork mod with Race Tech Gold Valves on an XR400R. By ThumperTDC

XR400R Front Number-Plate Mod - Cycra CRF450R half-vented front number-plate in place of stock XR400R headlight. By kountryboy

Gordon Mods (for the XR400R)XR400R Gordon Mods - Carb jetting, exhaust baffle mod, header weld grind, intake uncork, etc. Must do mods for the Honda XR400R. By Gordon Banks

Lever Pivot Bolt & BootXR400R Lever Pivot Bolt & Boot - Clean mod when replacing stock hand guards with bar-mount style. By 4Strokes.com

XR400R Mods/Setup DatabaseXR400R Mod & Setup Info - Lots of modification and setup info for the 1996, 1997 and 1998 Honda XR400R.

Joe's XR400R Hop-Ups!XR400R Mods by Joe - I have had my XR400R for nearly 4 years now and after all this time I'm still not ready to part with it. By Joe S.

XR400R Passenger PegsXR400R Passenger Foot Pegs - Adapting XR650L passenger foot pegs to the XR400R. By Robb N.

Excel File - Speed vs RPM Calculator for the XR400R XR400R Speed vs RPM Calculator (31K Excel) - Calculate speed vs RPM for various tire and sprocket sizes. By Bob Bendt

Honda XR400R Stator Upgrade by Robb (b_king)XR400R Stator Upgrade - 200W stator upgrade to power dual head-lights and other accessories in the future. By Robb Nelsen

XR400R Wiring DiagramImage - XR400R Wiring Diagram XR400R Wiring Diagram, 1996-2004 Models - XR400R electrical and wiring diagram or schematic.


XR500R Replacement CDIXR500R Replacement CDI - Rewire a 93-00 XR600R CDI to use in a mid-80s XR500R. By Greasser


CRF450 Fender on XR650L XL600R Chain Slider - Jeb's answer to a hard-to-find XL600R lower chain slider. Build your own! By Jeb Massie

Add a Cooling Fan to Your XR650RXL600R Oil Cooler & Fan (Image Gallery) - Photo of an oil cooler and computer muffin fan adapted to an XL600R. By Earl


XR600R Dual Sport Project BikeXR600R Dual-Sport Project - I have wanted to build a custom dual sport XR600R. By Tom Niemela

XR600R & XR650L Exhaust Baffle ModXR600R Exhaust Baffle Mod - Replace the stock XR600R or XR650L exhaust baffle with a larger ATC 250R baffle. By kubiak

10 Tips for the XR600R from Scott SummersXR600R Upgrades & Tips - Scott Summers and Fred Bramblett's tips to make the XR600R more competitive and reliable for off-road desert racing.

Setting Valve Clearances on the XR600RXR600R Valve Clearance / Lash Adjustment - How to adjust the valve clearances or lash on the Honda XR600R. By Craig Cullen

XR600R 88-90 Wiring DiagramImage - XR600R (88-90) Wiring Diagram XR600R Wiring Diagram / Schematic, 1988-1990 Model Years (66K GIF)

XR600R 91-93 Wiring DiagramImage - XR600R 91-93 Wiring Diagram XR600R Wiring Diagram / Schematic, 1991-1993 Model Years (70K GIF)

XR650L Battery RelocationXR650L Battery Relocation Mod by cracked junior - XR650L battery and electrical relocation mod.

XR650L Battery Relocation Mod by Ryan - I took off the entire battery, trashed the bracket, and built a different one.

XR650L Battery Relocation Mod by SpudRider (Forums) - XR650L battery and electrical relocation mod.

XR650L Carb Fuel Mixture Screw ModXR650L Fuel Mixture Screw Mod XR650L Carb Fuel Mixture Screw Mod by Brian Farewell - Build your own extended fuel mixture screw out of an inexpensive valve stem cap.

XR650L Carb ModsXR650L Carburetor Mods (Dave's Carb Mods) - Keihin 42.5mm diaphragm CV carb mods by Dave Closs and Brian Jackson.

XR650L Chain Guide ModNew XR650L Mod XR650L Chain Guide Mod by SpudRider (Forums) - Replacing the drive chain guide rub block with chain rollers.

Clarke 4.7 Gallon Gas Tank StabilizerXR650L Clarke 4.7-Gallon Gas Tank Stabilizer - Easy 30-minute mod and your Clarke gas tank will be rock solid by Forum members.

1993-2000 Honda XR650L Esthetic ChangesXR650L Esthetic Changes from 1993-2000 - Esthetic changes through model years 1993-2000 by xr250rguy.

XR600R & XR650L Exhaust Baffle Mod XR650L Exhaust Baffle Mod - Replace the stock XR650L exhaust baffle with a larger baffle from the Honda ATC 250R by kubiak.

Factory XR400R Oil Cooler on XR650LXR650L Oil Cooler Mod by Helrich - Factory XR400R frame oil cooler adapted to the XR650L.

XR650L Oil Cooler Mod by Rotorcraft - Aftermarket Lockhart oil cooler grafted into the XR650L air scoops.

Oil Drain FunnelXR650L Oil Drain Funnel by KingTutt - Why pay $20.00 for a special "man" funnel when you can make one for less than $2.00?

CRF450 Fender on XR650L XR650L Rear Fender Mod by Simapg - Aftermarket Polisport CRF450 rear fender and taillight adapted to the XR650L.

XR650L Smog RemovalXR650L Smog Removal by Gary Crawfird - Complete procedure with photos to remove the XR650L smog system.

XR650L Smog Removal and Block-Off Procedure by Kyle Swanson - How to uncork and remove smog equipment ib a 2003 XR650L.

XR650L Smog Block-Off w/PicsXR650L Smog Removal & Block-Off Procedure (Forums) - Carburetor vacuum ports to block off when removing the smog equipment from an XR650L by Mike Tuttle.

XR650L non-CA model Smog RemovalXR650L Smog Removal, Non-California Model (Forums) - Smog removal on a non-CA model XR650L by ALS650L.

XR650L WindshieldXR650L Windshield - $25 online auction Kawasaki KLR smoked windshield grafted to an XR650L headlight bezel by Jlutty650L.

XR650L 93 Wiring DiagramImage - XR650L 93 Wiring Diagram XR650L Wiring Diagram, 1993 Model Year (73K GIF) - Submitted by Tim Hixson

93-95 XR650L Wiring DiagramImage - XR650L 93-95 Wiring Diagram XR650L Wiring Diagram, 1993-1995 Model Years (123K GIF) - Submitted by Tim Hixson

XR650L Simplified Schematic for SafetiesXR650L Schematic XR650L Wiring Safeties - Simplified Schematic Drawing - Electrical points that affect XR650L engine operation by Dave Closs.


XR650R Air-Box ModXR650R Airbox Mod - Popular airbox mod for the XR650R -- cut different shape holes and back with screen. By qadsan

Add a Cooling Fan to Your XR650R Updated Cooling Fan XR650R Cooling Fan Mod - Complete procedure showing how to add a computer style fan to your XR650R. By Andy Waddell

XR650R Race Prep TipsXR650R Race Prep Tips - Check right foot peg bolts; be sure front lower clip on air filter has good tension; etc. By a guest

XR650R Side Panel Grab HoleXR650R Side Panel Grab Hole - The right side panel has an area that can be cut open to access the subframe for lifting. By 4StroKen

XR650R Stator RewindXR650R Stator Rewind - You installed a mega-watt headlight only to find seriously lacking power from your XR650R stator. By Eric Foster

Uncorking the Honda XR650R BRP By Bob NaumannXR650R Uncork by Bob - This is the procedure Bob used to uncork his 2000 XR650R Big Red Pig for better performance and to pull a wheelie easier! By Bob Naumann

Uncorking the Honda XR650RXR650R Uncork Per Factory Honda Tech Bulletin - Uncork the XR650R for better performance using all factory parts per Honda.

XR650R Wiring Diagram XR650R Wiring Diagram - Complete wiring diagram or schematic for the Honda XR650R.

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