XT250 Tool Kit Screw Mod

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XT250 Tool Kit Screw Mod

Postby 4Strokes » Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:16 pm

Drum hardware key and cymbal stand clamp screw installed on Ms. Lil' Mynx's 2008 Yamaha XT250 dirt bike.

Tool kit screw and cymbal clamp screw.

Stock XT250 tool kit screw, cymbal stand clamp screw, and cymbal stand clamp with square-headed screw.

Here's a cheap fix to the tool kit hardware problem on the 2008 Yamaha XT250 dirt bike, and maybe other model and year motorcycles. You will need a drum cymbal stand clamp bolt or screw (two if using your XT's spare glove/tool box) and of course a drum hardware key, all of which can be found at a music store. Notice the cymbal clamp screw should have a washer. You will need to carry the drum key to get to your tools or items in the spare glove/tool box but it beats carrying a screwdriver or asking your buddy for one on the trail.

Credits: XT250 Tool Kit Screw article written and submitted by Ms. Lil' Mynx. Edited and published by 4Strokes.com.

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