XT225 Serow Kick-Starter Install

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XT225 Serow Kick-Starter Install

Postby 4Strokes » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:40 pm

XT225 Serow Kick-Starter Installation Instructions, English Translated (PDF) by Don Verbeck.

First Page

Assembly instructions:

Figure 1

1. Put together the subassembly as shown in figure 1. The horseshoe clip (2) goes on the starter gear (8) so that the extension points away from the gear. The tip of tension spring (5) fits into hole on kick axle (1). The spacer (4) has one side with a single dimple which covers the tip of tension spring (5) as it enters
the kick axle (1).

2. Remove the engine protector.

3. Drain the engine oil.

4. Remove the rear brake pedal.

5. Remove the right hand side foot rest

6. Remove the crank case cover. See pg 4-15 in service manual. If there is corrosion on the dowel pins, the cover may be difficult to remove. Just gently tap it and rock it and avoid the temptation to pry it off
which could damage the gasketed surfaces.

7. Remove the clutch. Use the special clutch holding tool to avoid damage to clutch boss. See pg 4-16 in
service manual.

Figure 2

8. Refer to figure 2. Remove the circlip and spacer (the ones referenced by the dashed lines and Japanese
characters) from the idle shaft. These two parts can be set aside, for they are not required for the kickstarter. Place washer (11), kick idle gear (12), flat sided washer (13), and new circlip (14) onto the idle shaft.

Figure 3

9. Refer to figure 3. Add the tabbed-washer (7) and washer (9) to the sub-assembly put together in step 1. Align the two tabs on tabbed washer plate (7) with the two indents in the spacer (4).

Figure 2

10. Refer to figure 2. Place the sub assembly from step 9 into the crankcase. Squirt some engine oil into the hole where kick axle seats. Align the extension of the horseshoe clip (2) with the indent in the crank case (directly at the bottom). Wind the torsion spring half a turn and hook on to projection B.

11. Now is a good time to clean off the old gasket material. It is easier to clean the crankcase side without the clutch basket in the way.

12. Install the clutch. See pgs 4-71 to 4-73 in the service manual. Use the new lock washer (17) when installing the clutch boss bolt. If you have an O-ring on your clutch push-rod shaft, use the new one (18)
supplied with the kit.

Figure 4

13. Refer to figure 4. Remove the crank case cover (/\) plug and replace it with the included oil seal (10). Apply some grease to the inner part of oil seal to help it slide over the kick axle.

14. Install the crank case cover. See pg 4-74 in the service manual. Be careful not to damage the oil seal. Use the new gasket (19) included in kit. The grey cross hatch side of the gasket (19) goes up against the
crank case cover.

15. Install the right foot rest. Torque bolt to 30 ft-lbs.

16. Install the brake pedal. Torque pivot bolt to 22 ft-lbs.

17. Attach the kick lever (15) and tighten the bolt to 12-16 ft-lbs. Ensure the kick lever (15) does not hit the frame or crank case cover throughout its full range of motion or while stowed.

18. Add engine oil.

19. Install the engine protector.

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